Complaint handling

In case of a complaint please contact


BHW Bausparkasse AG, Luxemburg branch
To the attention of the head of branch
16, rue Erasme
B.P. 556
L-2015 Luxembourg
Phone : 00352 44 88 44-1
Fax : 00352 44 88 44-34
Mail : bhw@pt.lu


Within a period of maximum 10 working days after receipt of the complaint, the complainant will receive an acknowledgement of receipt, if not already replied before.


Maximum handling time to resolve the complaint: 4 weeks after receipt of the complaint.


Further information to the procedure you will get in written form on demand.


Please notice that the CSSF is the sole competent authority to find an out-of-court resolution.


The complaint has to be submitted to BHW Bausparkasse AG, Luxemburg in written form first, before contacting the CSSF.


If your complaint is not settled satisfactorily within the period mentioned, you are free to contact:

Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier
Département Juridique CC
283, route d’Arlon
L-2991 Luxembourg


Your complaint is only accepted by the CSSF if you respect the correct order of the procedure.