WohnBausparen Plus

Big financing at a small price

A home of your own - a main plan in life. And right now conditions are extremely favourable. The historically low interest rate alone is a convincing basis for a secure future within your own four walls. There are also state subsidies if you meet certain conditions, and you have a strong partner with a tailor-made financing plan – thanks to the new BHW WohnBausparen Plus scheme.

With BHW WohnBausparen Plus for financing claims from EUR 50,000, your personal wishes take centre stage.

For anyone who

  • wants to build or buy their own home
  • needs financing of EUR 50,000 and above
  • wants to borrow at particularly favourable rates

A quicker and cheaper path to a home of your own

The BHW WohnBausparen Plus scheme provides a host of advantages in addition to excellent borrowing rates, making the prospect of your own home even more exciting.

BHW WohnBausparen Plus adapts perfectly to all circumstances in your life. Everything will always be under your control.

Maximum freedom

  • flexible financing rate
  • financing scheme geared to your personal Needs
  • fast loan allocation possible
  • fast loan repayment

Your support from the State of Luxembourg

Subsidies, premiums and grants